Sunday, August 2, 2009


Thanks to ManilaGayGuy and to Migs (site master) for all that I've learned reading through the blogs and to all the comments and contributions of people. I've got most interest in Massage Services. Like what I've shared in the last post, sites like these made me interested in the massage that these spas, legit or not, provide to our kababayan.

Day after day, I ended up coming back to the sites and all the threads to check if there are new updates. I found it confusing and so, to aid Migs and the other owners of the other sites I visit, I've decided to use this blog of mine to feature a chatroom for quickest corresponce of our kababayan.

This is in no competition whatsoever to any of the other websites like MGG. This is more of a supplement. Like in real life, where we eat good food and take in supplements, we won't live by supplement alone and it won't hurt to include supplement to our daily food intake.

Anu bang pinagsasabi ko? Basta, enjoy.