Sunday, October 4, 2009


Iba-iba ang nakukuha nang mga therapist from their employers. Yung iba kumikita per session, yung iba per day, yung iba per commission basis. Dahil diyan, iba iba rin ang pwedeng sabihing good tip.

Before that, bakit ba importante na mag-tip?

Sa Pilipinas, hindi tayo sanay sa kultura nang pagti-tip. Sanay din kasi tayo na hindi magreklamo for poor service eh. But times are changing. Pinoys now demand for good service, and thus give appropriate tip. Tips are for our people who are in the service industry, no matter what.

We TIP because of the following reasons: they deserve it, they are kulang sa suweldo, and we want to be taken care of even more on our next visit. It can be one or more of those, but most importantly, do tip.

Tip for a regular job, give atleast a PHP50.00.
For a service you liked, give atleast PHP150.00
for extra service, it's either your discretion or the therapist's call.

Monday, August 10, 2009

SPA Survey

Guys, im running this survey of spa, massage parlors and massage places. I've only been to four. One in a very legitimate spa in MOA , another in Banawe (both with a masseuse, mind you. ), two in Morato.
Needless to say, my survey could get more of a research-based as opposed to experience-based.
I would like this to be a combination of both, since research and personal experience would really help put up a good survey of this kind.

Help me out. In any way.

This survey right here is merely a draft.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Email from Spa Mondiale

Hi !

Thanks for your email and we are glad to know that you find our spa interesting... Our rates are P500 for any type of massage and an additional P100 should you want to avail of our Turkish bath. Body Scrub costs P1,000 which includes the massage and Turkish Bath. Tips are negotiated directly with the masseur. We are open from 5PM to 2AM the following day.

Kindly let us know should you have further questions.


Spa Mondiale

I have got to know more about SpaMondiale. I'm still saving funds to actually go there. Watch out!



...about Fifth Sense, may malapit din massage parlor dito na may male teraphist, along shell (lakarin lang ang left side ng shell tapat ng shopwise) the name of the spa is PEARLSACHO SPA, manager’s number is 09291009878 to made reservations, they both have male and female teraphist, and for the record may mga good looking male therapist sila, i’ve tried it once palang with sauna package and worthy naman!

kwentuhan nyo ko mga bakla sa experience with this spa! goodluck! name the massuers kung sino magaling hahaha!

-seven, MGG

Friday, August 7, 2009

SpaMondiale ang dating Revivir?

Just been to a newly opened spa called Mondiale. It was hard to find since they don’t have a sinage. But you are pleasantly surprised once you see it. It seems to be secluded since it is located in a guarded compound in Sct. Reyes on the corner of busy Quezon Avenue. The owner seems to have put much thought in putting the place together. You feel quite relaxed the minute you enter. You are greeted by a very pleasant Manager who makes sure you feel at home. He recommends two or three masseurs depending on your preference. All three were good looking and the one I chose was good in both the massage and extra service. Since it was hard to find, suggest you call them at 487 7911 for directions.

-Gamz of MGG

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kingspoint Spa Tomas Morato - Budget-Friendly Sensual Relaxation for the Cheerful Tipper

Let me post here what gordontoco posted in (Manila Gay Guy) about Kingspoint (KP) Spa in Tomas Morato. Before reading the post, let me tell you that there are inconsistencies with the Notes of Gordontoco. As you know Kingspoint is one of those Spa that I really know well. I have confirmed details with the friend I know from Kingspoint (KP) that there are indeed misunderstanding in these notes. For example, One description fitted another Name. Kumbaga, nagkapalit palit yung names. Kaya hindi ko na lang nilagay yung names para sa kapakanan ng mga therapist at para hindi pa tayo malito. Needless to say, Id recommend you to try Kingspoint therapist. My advice try JP. Be most friendly, most respectful. Tip at least 300. Have Fun.


KINGSPOINT SPA, Morato cor. Kamuning

This MP caters to both male and female clients and has both male and female therapists. I was once a frequent client of this MP for around a year. Magaling yung mga male therapists. I’ve tried JIN, RAM, PERSAN.

Ratings (1 to 10-highest)

Looks: 9 (around 21 yrs. old)
ES: 7 (P500)

Looks: 6 (too old, mid-30’s)
Massage: 8
ES: 8 (P500)

Looks: 5 (cousin of J$^$, HE IS GAY!!!)
Massage: 9
ES: I never attempted.

Kingspoint Spa is essentially a legit spa. But if you have been a frequent client, the owner, an OLD man would even recommend J$#& or R&%* for the ES.

Kingspoint Spa Tomas Morato - Budget-Friendly Sensual Relaxation for the Cheerful Tipper

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Velvet Rage as recommended by Kuya Migs of MGG

credits to Kuya Migs of MGG.


This has got to be one of the saddest, most appalling stories I’ve read recently. It’s from the latest book I finished reading, just this morning, while I was having my Sunday breakfast at Starbucks along E. Rodriguez Ave. The book is entitled The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World (Alan Downs). It’s an experience related by the author himself, a psychotherapist.

Mo Twister and Grace Lee wants a Brand New Nokia 5110

The title says it all.

Mo Twister already bid it for 10 Grand (PHP 10,000.00) and Grace wants one, too. So guys, after a massage at New York or Sanctuario, find one and earn some BUY AND SELL Grand!

Tantric Massage - Prostate

I was searching for some tantric massage videos online after Neil (I'd tell you more about him next time) introduced me to it when I came upon this video on youtube. Knowing the good reputation of youtube to really try its best to ban certain videos, you must have known that this video, although showing a LOT of skin, is not ban-worthy. This is a legitimate doctor-stuff video anyway.

Although disappointed after having a hard time looking for any porn-like vids on youtube, I found this video very interesting. Now I wanna have my prostate examined. For medical purpose, and yeah it might feel good... ^_^

Heres the video.

Raincoat, Rubber, or However You Call It

Here is one video showing the proper way of wearing a condom. Funny, because it's in foreign language but the video is really revealing.

Credits to the People from PPORG.



Monday, August 3, 2009

Seven Senses Spa Review!

Hi Daredevil,
Here is my review on Seven senses Spa
I will not describe their looks, though most of them are okay sa paningin ko, looks is just a personal preferences. :) I usually visit the spa twice a week before until such time that there were some misunderstanding kasi nagkakainggitan sila. Kaya medyo itinigil ko muna ang pagpunta-punta doon. Pero nagi-inuman parin kami paminsan-minsan ng mga tropa ko doon.

Massage: 500 for 1 hour (You can request for a holistic massage - combination of shiatsu and swedish)
Body Scrub: 980 with massage for 2 hours (This a combo of body scrub and Massage.)
Foot Reflexology: 450 for 1 hour.
Jacuzzis: cold, warm, hot
Wet Sauna (Steam Bath)
Dry Sauna
Shower Rooms
Scrubbing Room
Reflex Room
Massage Room
Coffee Shop
They also have carwash services.

McDo Guy

katext ko si Glenn of B.O.B. kanina. Napakabait. Unfortunately, lacking ako sa budget. I wont go for ES naman, pero syempre ang tip pa.

Kaninang umaga, asa McDo ako.. I bought breakfast and hope to get a newspaper free for it, but my order tally lacked a few peso. From my back, a 30-ish guy talked to me and told me to add his choco order to make the tally up for the newspaper.

I liked him.

I'm postponing my massage tonight, anyone going for one?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glenn of Boys of Bora in Kamias

from deo:

Peeps in Manila, i recommend Boys of Bora in Kamias corner Anonas. Get Glenn. He gave me the best sensual massage. May bulitas pa siya. hehehe :)

kahit wala pa bulitas... may aayaw ba sa ganyang lalake? Glenn, always take care ah. Sana makabisita na ako diyan.

deo's comment taken from :

thanks MGG!

7 senses

this is a post by Erin about the Seven Senses Spa in Marikina. Allow me to post it here for my own benefit and to you guys na rin. I'd try this one maybe next week.

Seven Senses is along Sumulong Highway. You can take Marcos Highway bound for Cogeo or Antipolo and before reaching Masinag Market take a left turn and that would be Sumulong Highway already. It’s about 2 Kilometers from Masinag Market. Your Landmark would be ARAMIS LODGE and it’s at your left side. Seven Senses is Adjacent to Aramis, same owner actually. Their contact number is 09223183977.

There are about 13 masseurs there and wilson is new. There are better masseurs who can deliver a better massage and ES (Most of the therapist offers ES except one). If you want a reco, post your email address and I will give you details.

Sa mga mahilig sa ES, reserve a room downstairs from the Locker Attendants kasi mas tago ang mga ito. Room Numbers are 12~19. Room 12 may momo. Hehehehe Room 14 and 15, very spacious. You might as well would like to reserve room 16 and 17 para nasa dulong dulo kayo. Hahahaha Note, walang room 13.


Thanks to ManilaGayGuy and to Migs (site master) for all that I've learned reading through the blogs and to all the comments and contributions of people. I've got most interest in Massage Services. Like what I've shared in the last post, sites like these made me interested in the massage that these spas, legit or not, provide to our kababayan.

Day after day, I ended up coming back to the sites and all the threads to check if there are new updates. I found it confusing and so, to aid Migs and the other owners of the other sites I visit, I've decided to use this blog of mine to feature a chatroom for quickest corresponce of our kababayan.

This is in no competition whatsoever to any of the other websites like MGG. This is more of a supplement. Like in real life, where we eat good food and take in supplements, we won't live by supplement alone and it won't hurt to include supplement to our daily food intake.

Anu bang pinagsasabi ko? Basta, enjoy.

Massage at Tomas Morato

Sa kakabasa ko sa iba't ibang thread mula sa iba't ibang forum nang mga kuwento ng mga kababayan natin tungkol sa mga activities (yeah, pati extra service) sa iba't ibang Spa (like Wensha, City Lifestyle, Sanctuarium, New York) at Massage Parlors, napasubok ako at mula nung pagkakataong yun, hindi ko na kaya pang pigilang bumalik balik.

Kagagaling ko lang ng Kingspoint Spa (Tomas Morato) kagabi. Buti na lang nakarinig ako ng referral mula sa mga kababayan natin, mayroon akong nirequest na tagamasahe.

Fortunately, ayun, may pahaging na agad siya pasimula pa lang ng masahe. Unfortunately, hindi ko siya type... Fortunately for him, type niya ata ako at ang sandata ko.. Naku, tiyak babalik ako dun at tiyak hindi siya.

Bago magsimula yung masahe ko nun, nakikita ko nang tumatambay itong isa pa na tagamasahe din. Sa totoo, mukhang hindi siya nagmamasahe, hindi kasi naka-uniform. Pero, paglabas ko tumawag agad ako kung sino yung nakagray na sando at tinanong ko rin kung nagmamasahe din siya.

Next time, siya naman.

Kayo, mayroon ba kayong experiences sa mga ganito?