Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spa Manoli Experience

I was here last night. It wasn't as jam packed. No one was waiting at the reception area, and not plenty are in the shower area. AFAIK, Manolo makes it sure that the shower/locker area is not packed. 

The massage was good, not really great. He was better the first time I had him, but what's good this time is what he was doing outside the massage. For some reason, he kept coming back on the middle part of my body, you know where the c0ck is . He did abdomen / stomach strokes for more than 10 minutes and would hit my already throbbing c@ck every so often. He was focused on that part, wont even talk and look at me. I just gave in.. In my experience, they really never gone stroking another man's c8ck. (I even heard a newbie got kicked after doing that to a client) He wont stroke nor touch it outside the usual massage strokes. I got bored. So after a while it was going flaccid, and every time it would, he will make sure his fingers will brush through it a few times and make it hard again. It was like he was making sure it was kept hard. For what reason, I dunno.

On hindsight, probably I wasn't getting his message. Probably he wants me to go ahead and stroke myself, or probably he wants me to put his hands on it, nahihiya siguro. I dunno. But it was a good sign. Now I'm thinking I have to be back next week with him again and see where it goes.  

Now, the locker area. There was this guy, my type... big built, nice pecs, shoulders and arms.. I thought he wasn't interested because he just wont look. So I was already preparing to dress up when I saw him glancing my way, stroking his  c6ck. I accepted the invitation and went back to the shower area. I went close and stood there, waited.... he took the signal and stroke mine as he did his.. "hmm.. ok ah.." was all he muttered.. 

I reached for his buns... it was full, which i like.. my fingers were exploring more.. already feeling the warmth of that hole.. We weren't talking but were speaking through our body.. With my hands in the middle of his crack, i notice he was turning his back to me... I was glad, I felt I am about to conquer this nice-pecked man.. For the first time, my c8ck felt the warmth of those buns.. right there he let out a "ah... sarap" while brushing his behind to me.. My finger found his hole, and i aimed for it.. It didn't go the first time, so I pushed his neck, signalling him to bend his body for me to enter him.. which he did.. my blood rushing through my veins.. my c0ck was ready.. 

then the lights flickered. Apparently a sign someone opened the door.. Darn. Nakatuw@d na eh! Kahit 2 minutes more, pwede na yun eh.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hiring a machodaddy fucker.

I need 1-3 people who are interested in hiring a guy.

He is a hardfucker, macho daddy, masseur and torero. Not gymfit, but can give something gymfit guys can't guarantee: a good, hard fucking. Try if you'd like to experience some unforgettable fucking. Can be the best daddy hardfucker you've ever had. If you want to try some helicopter-style fucking, he's the man you need.

Guaranteed erotic massage and a hot, hot hardfucking to remember.

[note: he is based in bohol, but he goes to cebu or manila on business from time to time.]

I have talked to him and agreed of a lower fee. Prepare to shell out around 1.5K per person.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Iba-iba ang nakukuha nang mga therapist from their employers. Yung iba kumikita per session, yung iba per day, yung iba per commission basis. Dahil diyan, iba iba rin ang pwedeng sabihing good tip.

Before that, bakit ba importante na mag-tip?

Sa Pilipinas, hindi tayo sanay sa kultura nang pagti-tip. Sanay din kasi tayo na hindi magreklamo for poor service eh. But times are changing. Pinoys now demand for good service, and thus give appropriate tip. Tips are for our people who are in the service industry, no matter what.

We TIP because of the following reasons: they deserve it, they are kulang sa suweldo, and we want to be taken care of even more on our next visit. It can be one or more of those, but most importantly, do tip.

Tip for a regular job, give atleast a PHP50.00.
For a service you liked, give atleast PHP150.00
for extra service, it's either your discretion or the therapist's call.

Monday, August 10, 2009

SPA Survey

Guys, im running this survey of spa, massage parlors and massage places. I've only been to four. One in a very legitimate spa in MOA , another in Banawe (both with a masseuse, mind you. ), two in Morato.
Needless to say, my survey could get more of a research-based as opposed to experience-based.
I would like this to be a combination of both, since research and personal experience would really help put up a good survey of this kind.

Help me out. In any way.

This survey right here is merely a draft.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Email from Spa Mondiale

Hi !

Thanks for your email and we are glad to know that you find our spa interesting... Our rates are P500 for any type of massage and an additional P100 should you want to avail of our Turkish bath. Body Scrub costs P1,000 which includes the massage and Turkish Bath. Tips are negotiated directly with the masseur. We are open from 5PM to 2AM the following day.

Kindly let us know should you have further questions.


Spa Mondiale

I have got to know more about SpaMondiale. I'm still saving funds to actually go there. Watch out!



...about Fifth Sense, may malapit din massage parlor dito na may male teraphist, along shell (lakarin lang ang left side ng shell tapat ng shopwise) the name of the spa is PEARLSACHO SPA, manager’s number is 09291009878 to made reservations, they both have male and female teraphist, and for the record may mga good looking male therapist sila, i’ve tried it once palang with sauna package and worthy naman!

kwentuhan nyo ko mga bakla sa experience with this spa! goodluck! name the massuers kung sino magaling hahaha!

-seven, MGG

Friday, August 7, 2009

SpaMondiale ang dating Revivir?

Just been to a newly opened spa called Mondiale. It was hard to find since they don’t have a sinage. But you are pleasantly surprised once you see it. It seems to be secluded since it is located in a guarded compound in Sct. Reyes on the corner of busy Quezon Avenue. The owner seems to have put much thought in putting the place together. You feel quite relaxed the minute you enter. You are greeted by a very pleasant Manager who makes sure you feel at home. He recommends two or three masseurs depending on your preference. All three were good looking and the one I chose was good in both the massage and extra service. Since it was hard to find, suggest you call them at 487 7911 for directions.

-Gamz of MGG