Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spa Manoli Experience

I was here last night. It wasn't as jam packed. No one was waiting at the reception area, and not plenty are in the shower area. AFAIK, Manolo makes it sure that the shower/locker area is not packed. 

The massage was good, not really great. He was better the first time I had him, but what's good this time is what he was doing outside the massage. For some reason, he kept coming back on the middle part of my body, you know where the c0ck is . He did abdomen / stomach strokes for more than 10 minutes and would hit my already throbbing c@ck every so often. He was focused on that part, wont even talk and look at me. I just gave in.. In my experience, they really never gone stroking another man's c8ck. (I even heard a newbie got kicked after doing that to a client) He wont stroke nor touch it outside the usual massage strokes. I got bored. So after a while it was going flaccid, and every time it would, he will make sure his fingers will brush through it a few times and make it hard again. It was like he was making sure it was kept hard. For what reason, I dunno.

On hindsight, probably I wasn't getting his message. Probably he wants me to go ahead and stroke myself, or probably he wants me to put his hands on it, nahihiya siguro. I dunno. But it was a good sign. Now I'm thinking I have to be back next week with him again and see where it goes.  

Now, the locker area. There was this guy, my type... big built, nice pecs, shoulders and arms.. I thought he wasn't interested because he just wont look. So I was already preparing to dress up when I saw him glancing my way, stroking his  c6ck. I accepted the invitation and went back to the shower area. I went close and stood there, waited.... he took the signal and stroke mine as he did his.. "hmm.. ok ah.." was all he muttered.. 

I reached for his buns... it was full, which i like.. my fingers were exploring more.. already feeling the warmth of that hole.. We weren't talking but were speaking through our body.. With my hands in the middle of his crack, i notice he was turning his back to me... I was glad, I felt I am about to conquer this nice-pecked man.. For the first time, my c8ck felt the warmth of those buns.. right there he let out a "ah... sarap" while brushing his behind to me.. My finger found his hole, and i aimed for it.. It didn't go the first time, so I pushed his neck, signalling him to bend his body for me to enter him.. which he did.. my blood rushing through my veins.. my c0ck was ready.. 

then the lights flickered. Apparently a sign someone opened the door.. Darn. Nakatuw@d na eh! Kahit 2 minutes more, pwede na yun eh.