Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 senses

this is a post by Erin about the Seven Senses Spa in Marikina. Allow me to post it here for my own benefit and to you guys na rin. I'd try this one maybe next week.

Seven Senses is along Sumulong Highway. You can take Marcos Highway bound for Cogeo or Antipolo and before reaching Masinag Market take a left turn and that would be Sumulong Highway already. It’s about 2 Kilometers from Masinag Market. Your Landmark would be ARAMIS LODGE and it’s at your left side. Seven Senses is Adjacent to Aramis, same owner actually. Their contact number is 09223183977.

There are about 13 masseurs there and wilson is new. There are better masseurs who can deliver a better massage and ES (Most of the therapist offers ES except one). If you want a reco, post your email address and I will give you details.

Sa mga mahilig sa ES, reserve a room downstairs from the Locker Attendants kasi mas tago ang mga ito. Room Numbers are 12~19. Room 12 may momo. Hehehehe Room 14 and 15, very spacious. You might as well would like to reserve room 16 and 17 para nasa dulong dulo kayo. Hahahaha Note, walang room 13.